UX Design

Original Problem

I’ve never been able to communicate my dance music tastes with my friends other than mentioning specific songs or artists. There are 250 genres of dance music. My solution was to create a one-page website where you can play 10 second song samples to educate yourself about your favorite kinds of dance music and discover new ones. 


My Research

Skype Interviews, Survey

  • EDM makes fans happy

  • Genres are important for conversation, not while listening.

  • Fans meet new friends at shows

  • Fans expect to have a good time without judgement, inclusive community

  • They LOVE to share songs with their friends

  • Most listen to EDM music daily, even during mundane tasks


Eventbrite Research Study*

  • Dance music fans tweeted an average of 11 times per day, dwarfing the average Twitter user’s 1.85 times per day.

  • Dance music fans appear to be less artist-centric in their fandom.

  • 78 percent of respondents were much more likely to go to an EDM show if their friends were attending.

  • Dance music fans focused more on the overall lifestyle and event experience

  • The study suggests that dance music fans are uniquely receptive to reliving their experiences through event live streams.

  • The fans themselves are driving the movement forward into mainstream popularity.



Avid Fan - Persona


DJ/Creator - Persona


Goal/Task Analysis

  • Dance music fans want to be able to communicate their music tastes easier with their friends.

  • Fans want to re-live their live music experiences.

  • Fans want to feel connected to the EDM community.


Competitive Analysis


Facebook Group

Twitter Stream


Second Solution

After looking through my goal/task analysis and competitive analysis, I realized that dance music fans are very social and on the go. With fans pre-gaming before parties, sharing songs in Facebook message groups and attending concerts together, I saw an opportunity to create an app that not only shows you what your music taste is, but allows you to connect with your friends and see their tastes.


Rough User Flow


Refined User Flow - Illustrator


Second Problem

After speaking with some classmates, my teachers and some fans about my user flow, I saw a flaw in my app. Very few people open an app and successfully complete 3.5 minutes of on boarding before being able to use it. Users want to understand what your app does right when they open it and get the information they want quickly. Listening to music samples was not the answer to my problem. I needed something quicker and more efficient to get fans the information they are looking for.


Mind Mapping


Third Solution

After looking through over my research, my goals and competition again in a visual way, I realized there is a bigger problem that needs to be solved. The communication gap between dance music fans is a real problem, but the community is also very disjointed. With a myriad of platforms (including social, music streaming and messaging services), I realized I could combine them into one cohesive experience. Also, fans love to share those songs they can’t help but put on repeat. They call those songs bangers.


Elevator Pitch

BANGR is a social dance music app for the dance music connoisseur. BANGR is built to solve the communication barrier and the disconnected online fandom in the dance music scene. By continually sharing their current banger song, fans are informed of each other’s music tastes and able to connect via group chat and live concert social streams. Dance music fans can easily follow friends they make at a concert, re-live their live music experiences, find new shows to attend with their friends and learn more about what genres each other are most interested in.


Updated User Flow - Omnigraffle


MVP - Prioritized Features based on Personas


  • News Feed

    • Profile

      • Genre Tastes

      • Shows attending/attended

  • Connect

    • Friends

    • Groups

  • Live Shows

    • Local Shows

    • Popular Shows

  • Settings


Rapid Paper Wire Framing


Rapid Pop Prototype - Pop App


High Fidelity Wire Framing - Sketch


High Fidelity Prototype - Invision


Prototype Video Demo


Looking Ahead

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