The Glow Club: An Entrepreneur's Journey


The mind is a funny thing. Emotions are fleeting. They only last 2-20 minutes depending on how long you hold onto them. It’s pretty crazy to think that every person is in a constant state of change. It’s easy to look around and think that everyone has it together, when in reality we are all figuring this thing called life out as we go. I’m no different.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the subtle hints on my social accounts, but I’m starting a new company with my Co-Founder and friend, Beth Cormack. She’s a fantastic writer, storyteller, and all-around-badass human being. We aren’t aiming to just create something new. We’re tapping into something revolutionary. People are craving real connection. The social media bubble has hit and people are tired of influencers selling them products they themselves don’t care about and perfect beach-body photos. People are craving something of substance and to find true community in this increasingly divided world. I’ll be writing more on this in the coming weeks.

The conversations Beth and I have been having with people are driving me to work harder, think deeper, explore emotions in a new way. When I came across The Glow Club, I knew it had a place in our business journey.

The Glow Club is a new meditation studio in DC that’s for people who don’t normally meditate. You don’t just “sit on your cush” and forget about all your troubles. You face them. Sure, you focus on your breath and find a deep place of relaxation, but it’s in this state that the instructors guide you through a journey to explore your most difficult situations. It’s like meditation and therapy all in one. Sometimes you leave feeling refreshed, sometimes you have realizations that stick with you for a while and require a bit more thinking even after you leave the studio.

“How do you find time for meditation and fitness while you are starting a company? Don’t you work 14 hours a day?” Well, I make time. The benefits of being more mindful in my decision-making and observing what influences my emotions throughout the day makes me more equipped to handle all the curve-balls that are sent my way. Case in point:

In yesterday’s session, the instructor took us through a journey down a staircase into a garden of our emotions. We walked from garden to garden along a path exploring what joy, sadness, anger, and fear manifested itself into. Sometimes I imagined an object in the garden with me. Sometimes it was a person. But after experiencing each emotion fully, we were asked “what is this emotion trying to teach you today?” At the end of the class, each person was asked to share something they took away from the experience. Mine surprised me a bit: I need to experience more joy. And not just experience it, but accept and embrace it. Joy for me in the garden was five people I feel most close with and a floating orb of light in the middle that represented opportunity. I’m in love with the idea that untold opportunity can come around any corner, but I realized I don’t always take the time to truly appreciate it when it comes. I always run to the next one and the next one. 

So, today I’m taking a bit of time to be grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been afforded. I appreciate my parents and the relationship I’ve built with them since leaving my hometown. My two best friends Jordan and Geoffrey for the unconditional care we have for each other. My boyfriend for providing support and patience through this intensely busy entrepreneurial journey. And my business partner for believing in this vision and mission and creating it IRL together.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be alive after a few not-so-fortunate situations. For being out of the closet and proud. For working at the Discovery Channel, the amazing people I met there and the confidence I built. And now, I’m grateful for finding my passion and purpose.

All of these things bring me joy. What brings you joy and how are you embracing it?